KOSMOS SUITE is a new project by Lukas DeRungs. It is an original composition for chamber choir and jazz ensemble in suite form, based on writings by contemporary poems, to be released as an album in 2022. It is yet to be recorded, but you can already SEE and LISTEN to a remotely recorded pre-production of the second episode "BLAST" on YouTube, which involves twenty musicians from Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the UK.

KOSMOS SUITE is divided into five episodes:

I Spark // Ephru
II Blast // Exploding Stars
III Life // Golden Child
IV Void // Hymn
V Home // Desde

featuring poems and lyrics by:
Kamila Aisha Moon, Nick Flynn, Dylan Thomas, Constanze Zacharias, Immy Churchill

line up: piano, drums, double bass, guitar, flugelhorn, solo voice
SATB chamber choir (3-5 people per voice)

duration: 45 min (album version) // 70 min (live version)


"every one of us has their own cosmos
their own perspective
their own way of forming relationships
sometimes we need to find our place in the world
sometimes we need to realise that we are not the centre of the universe
KOSMOS SUITE is a journey through emotional states
KOSMOS SUITE is about darkness and light, death and life
.. and how we feel when we face the endless void - the night sky"

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